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100 Percent Vegan 

Mastey Hair Color Protection is 100% Vegan

Vegetable based natural moisture factors balance the hair and scalps moisture level and provide softness and shine

Hair needs to be properly moisturized to ensure a healthy beautiful end result. Hair that is Dry over processed and lacking vital nutrients will look worn, dry and hay like and will not hold color.

Mastey's Color Protecting Hair Care solves this dilemma by providing 100% Vegan Natural Moisture Factors that are extracted from vegetables. This Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is a replica of the NMF that the body naturally makes. Our combination of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), Lipids, and Vitamins help to normalize the hair and skins natural moisture level. Leaving the hair soft, properly moisturized and radiant.
Independent studies have shown that hair and skin that is properly moisturized will respond faster and more profoundly to repairing products. Proper moisture level is the foundation on which hair and skin repair can be successful.
Mastey's Color Protecting products are so gentle they are recommended for use on hair and skin.
• Use our Daily Shampoo as a daily facial or body wash.
• Our Daily Conditioner can be used in place of shaving lotions for beautifully moisturized legs and radiant faces.
•Our Certified Argan Oil treatment is recommended around the world as a skin and hair treatment oil.



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