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Rice Amino Acids for Hair Repair 

Mastey Hair Color Protection with gluten free rice amino acids

Rice amino acids are the strongest and least allergen proteins that can help to rebuild, repair, and nourish hair that has been damaged by hair color and bleach lighteners.

Mastey Color Protection Hair Care uses rice amino acids as the building block to hair repair in all of our formulations because of their repairing qualities and their low allergen incident rate.

Amino acids are the building blocks to hair repairing protein molecules. Rice Amino Acids are small in size and weight and rich in the vital nutrients needed for hair repair. Because of their low molecular weight, rice amino acids penetrate the hair shaft easily to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Rice amino acids strengthen and expand the diameter of the hair shaft to create a noticeably thicker, silkier and more luxurious look.
Using an amino acid with such a high value of essential hair builders and such a low allergy incident rate gives us the ability to provide treatments and daily products that can help repair the hair for the largest audience of users.



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